Moonstone Textured Silver Pendant

The moonstone in this beautiful pendant is of extremely high quality and is completely untreated and unenhanced. Each stone is of a slightly different shape making every pendant unique. It features intricate etching. 925 silver with a cabochon Rainbow Moonstone. The chain is optional.

Designed and ethically hand-crafted with natural gems and precious metals, bringing beauty to the wearer and to the lives of the makers.

Support the Fight Cancer with the purchase of this product.

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Support Fight Cancer with the purchase of this product.

Fight Cancer Foundation’s passion and vision is to provide cancer patients with a second chance of life.

They are dedicated to giving hope and saving the lives of cancer patients around Australia and overseas through significant projects including the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Research Laboratories, the BMDI Cord Blood Bank, accommodation houses, support programs and support groups.

Fight Cancer Foundation is a registered charity providing care, treatment and support services to cancer patients and their families and funding significant cancer research projects.

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